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Mauro Iob
Rita Campanelli
Mauro e Rita

A childhood dream : to have a biodynamic farm .
A challenge of maturity : to transform a vacant lot and an old country house in a pleasant and productive.
A project for the future: to leave an example of how agricultural production and the environment can co-exist and how agriculture can also be a valuable tool to support , recover and include those who are less fortunate than us and so contribute the construction of a more "right" for everyone.
This is what has been and is the company for Mauro: from Trento , then he moved in Treviso but " escaped " in 1999 by " fogs and mosquitoes " and , above all, styles and rhythms of life are too far away from its being and its goals.
In 2004 the meeting with Rita, an agronomist, an expert engaged in farming and beekeeping social public official, disillusioned by too many empty words and tired of so much bureaucracy, still with dreams, hopes and desire to live agriculture "new", ready to address the needs of this in accordance with what we have been left with the responsibility for what we leave.
Elective Affinities, common purpose,  sharing joys and commitments made ​​" bloom ", despite his age, a romantic wedding that lives the farm as a chance to share with friends, and often many young people, ideals and values ​​, labors and moments of sincere joy.

Mauro e Rita
le nostre mani,
con i segni del tempo
e le cicatrici degli errori.
Dopo tanto cercare
finalmente si stringono felici:
insieme si incamminano
verso caldi colori del sole,
immagini, per noi,
di un’aurora,
la nostra aurora,
unica e meravigliosa.

Rita 7 ottobre 2006
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